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Our Purpose

We offer customized plans for your gastronomic business. Manage your inventories, track orders and customer preferences, allocate resources, and receive instant feedback. With Mealio, optimize your operations, reduce waste, and improve the quality of your service. Additionally, our analytics feature allows you to make informed data-driven decisions.

Our Mission

To enhance the dining experience for both customers and businesses in the food service industry, through AI-driven systems that anticipate their needs and preferences, optimize resource allocation, and reduce food waste.

Our Vision

To become the leading platform in the food service industry for personalized dining experiences, efficient resource management, and sustainable practices. We strive to revolutionize the way people dine by leveraging technology to enhance convenience, enjoyment, and well-being.

Corporate Values


We prioritize the needs and preferences of our customers and strive to provide exceptional service and personalized experiences that exceed their expectations.


We leverage cutting-edge technology and data analysis to continuously improve our platform and services and create new growth and sustainability opportunities.


We are committed to reducing food waste, optimizing resource allocation, and promoting environmentally responsible practices that benefit our customers, businesses, and society.


We operate with transparency, honesty, and ethical standards in all aspects of our business and prioritize the trust and respect of our stakeholders.


We foster a culture of teamwork, diversity, and inclusion and seek to build strong partnerships and networks with companies, customers, and stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to learning, adapting, and evolving in response to feedback, market trends, and changing customer needs, and to strive for excellence in everything we do.